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General Rules


A camping group consists of as many as 6 people, not necessarily related. One main camping unit per campsite with one additional tent and one dining fly are permitted at each site. Manager's discretion will be used if there is a dispute over allowable equipment or numbers of people at each site.


Check in / out time for camping is 2pm Monday thru Saturday, and 5pm on Sundays and designated summer holidays. Check in time for Family Cabins is 4pm and check out time is 11am. Check in time for Group Camps is 3pm and check out time is 12 noon. Check in time for shelters and recreation buildings can vary, however, typically these facilities are available by 7am and must be vacated by 11pm on the same day (except for Fort Harrison, where check in time is not before dawn, when the park opens. Check out time is prior to dusk, when the park closes). Check in time for rent-a-camp cabins is 3pm and check out time is 12 noon.


At check in, customers will be required to sign a damage / cleaning release form. A credit card or other billing information will be required to complete this release form. Any damages or excessive cleaning incurred as a result of the customer's stay may result in additional fees.


For cars, trucks and campers, the entrance fee for most properties is $5 per vehicle for in-state plates and $7 per vehicle for out-of-state plates, seven days a week including holidays. For Prophetstown, the in-state vehicle entrance fee is $6 and out-of-state is $8 per vehicle. For Indiana Dunes, the in-state vehicle entrance fee is $5 and out-of-state is $10 per vehicle. For pedestrians, bicycles, buses and passenger vans, the entrance fee is $2 per person. When staying overnight at one of our facilities, you will be required to pay the entrance fee the first time you enter and your receipt will serve as your in/out pass the remainder of your stay.


In-state annual entrance permits (AEPs) are $40. Out-of-state annual entrance permits are $60. Golden Hoosier permits are $20. The permits are available for purchase upon entrance at the gate and allow a customer access to any DNR property for the specified calendar year. For more information on restrictions and eligibility, visit


A new firewood policy has been implemented on all DNR properties to manage and conserve our forest resources. This policy is not only related to preventing the emerald ash borer at our sites - it is about preventing the 140+ OTHER insects, fungi and pathogens that are known to travel in and on firewood. We ask that you do your part to conserve the forests and shade trees in our state parks, reservoirs, state forests and fish and wildlife areas. The following firewood may be used on DNR properties: Check out answers to many of your firewood questions.


Leasing or sub-leasing a facility or equipment is strictly prohibited at DNR properties. If an attempt to lease or sub-lease your facility reservation is made, the reservation will be cancelled and no refund will be given. The individual(s) will be contacted by DNR Law Enforcement.


Each facility type (camping, shelters, recreation buildings, cabins, etc) has a maximum capacity limit, described further under said facility types. If the capacity is exceeded, you may be asked to vacate the property and you may not receive a refund. In particular, no more than six people per campsite are allowed.


You must be 18 years of age or older to rent a campsite, shelter, or recreation building. You must be 21 years of age or older to rent a cabin.


Pets are not permitted in our cabins, restrooms, shower houses or other indoor facilities, unless otherwise specified. Pets are permitted at campsites, however they must be on a leash of 6 feet or less and tended to at all times. Owners are required to clean up after their pets at their campsite and in all other areas of the property.


If a property has a pool, the months of operation are typically Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, but availability will depend on staff and funding. Hours vary by location.


Most properties have quiet hours from 11pm thru 7am, however, this may vary by an hour on either end of the spectrum. Please contact the property you intend to visit for more specific details.


On DNR properties, fires may only be built in the fire rings that are provided.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor facilities (cabins, restrooms, recreation buildings, etc). If a customer smokes inside a building, he/she may be asked to leave and assessed excessive cleaning fees. Smoking is permitted in open outdoor areas of the property, including campsites.


DNR properties operate with a "carry out" trash policy. Customers must bring their own trash bags and dispose of all of their own trash. Dumpsters are available at the properties. Please do not leave trash at your campsite or inside any of our other facilities.


Only one vehicle is permitted at each campsite. Very few properties allow two vehicles per site. All extra vehicles will be required to park in the additional parking areas made available by the property.